Stephan Verrips

  I have made a radio automation for linux (console) that's also working with braille devices ! It's a live bootable DVD for use with UEFI and Legacy boot. It's use the last version of Debian 9 (stretch) and LinuxRadio.Tools (V2017). The live bootable DVD is ready for use and bundeled with small tools, it's also possible to install it to harddisk or on a usb stick. Download the ISO file and boot from it ! Some linux experience is required. On the DVD you will find text file /home/lrt/readme.txt file for some help.

There is some issue !!. Linux will sometimes choose the HDMI digital output as default soundcard and there is no sound ! Read the /home/lrt/readme.txt file on the DVD how to fix it (installing on harddisk is needed !) or try a computer without a HDMI digital output.

The english version of LinuxRadio.Tools V2017 has arrived !

Download !

ISO                 MD5                 /home/lrt/readme.txt

Put the ISO on DVD or USB with...

On DVD (with linux) : wodim -v speed=4 dev=/dev/sr0 -data LinuxRadio.Tools_V2017-20170118_1523.iso
On USB (with linux) : dd if=LinuxRadio.Tools_V2017-20170118_1523.iso of=/dev/... (fill in usb stick device)

We are also busy to write a small manual and some questions as Why not programming LinuxRadio.Tools in Windows ? will be answered !

LinuxRadio.Tools V2017 is daily running at RTV Rijnstreek in Wageningen, The Netherlands (non-stop system).
By Omroep Ede is LinuxRadio.Tools V2017 also running for a emergency system by failure CarmenServer (actual non-stop system) in Ede, The Netherlands.