Stephan Verrips

  I have made a radio automation for linux (console) that's also working with braille devices ! It's a live bootable DVD for use with UEFI and Legacy boot. It use the last version of Debian 9 (stretch) and LinuxRadio.Tools (V1807). The live bootable DVD is ready for use and bundeled with small tools, it's also possible to install it to harddisk or on a usb stick. Download the ISO file and boot from it ! Some linux experience is required. On the DVD you will find text file /home/lrt/readme.txt file for some help.

The bootable ISO will start in x-windows (so not, type startx [enter]) and click right button on the mouse to go to bash shell ! (it's in the LinuxRadio.Tools V1807 menu). You can use the playing [enter] and planner [enter] commands. Maybe, there is no sound. Use pavucontrol (also on LinuxRadio.Tools V1807 menu with the right mouse button) to set the sound !

login: lrt
password: lrt

login: root
password: root

LinuxRadio.Tools V1807 is OUT and this project has been ended !!!

Stephan Verrips is stopped by Omroep Ede and this project is also stopped. Thanks for using LinuxRadio.Tools and that's it. I will maybe restart the project later, but I don't now !

LinuxRadio.Tools V1807 ISO
LinuxRadio.Tools V1807 MD5

Put the ISO on DVD (slow running !) or USB (fast running !) with...

On DVD (with linux) : wodim -v speed=4 dev=/dev/sr0 -data LinuxRadio.Tools_V1807-20180725_1241.iso
On USB (with linux) : dd if=LinuxRadio.Tools_V1807-20180725_1241.iso of=/dev/... (fill in usb stick device)

Some questions from users of LinuxRadio.Tools

Question : The music sounds bad, do not you have pop music or other famous music ?
I have an ISO file with well-known music, news and jingles. It works perfectly, sounds very beautiful. But I can not give this away in connection with copyright! Today the ISO file on this website contains royalty-free music. Sorry.

Question : How did you get the name LinuxRadio.Tools ?
That is the combination of Linux, Radio and a number of tools that make it a radio automation.

Question : Why don't LinuxRadio.Tools have a nice GUI ?
The is a lot of GUI software for Radio Automation and I won't make a program that's already developed. I choose for a stable software and not for a nice GUI !

Question : Why not for Windows ?
The is a lot of nice radio automation for Windows, but not for linux.

Question : Can we hear LinuxRadio.Tools V1807 playing ?
RTV Rijnstreek and KIM (DJ at her internet radio station in Canada !) use LinuxRadio.Tools V1807 for radio which you can listen here...

Easy Listening... with Stephan Verrips
Listen to KIM !

Question : Is LinuxRadio.Tools your first radio automation ?
No, it's my second one. The first one is STARIPS - RadioPC that I have made, it was a gift for Annet in 1994. I was so in love ! The radio automation was called STARIPS - RadioPC and was running under MS DOS and written in Quick Basic. It's used from 1994 to 1998 by the local radio station in Wageningen (Wageningse Omroep Stichting), The Netherlands. It was daily used as a nonstop system and they was one of the first local radio station with a nonstop system that use cd-players, a tuner, minidisc player and a news detector. A professional radio automation from Eela Audio and CBT (now Broadcast Partners) cost in 1994 between 25.000 gulden and 40.000 gulden. STARIPS - Radio PC is made for 300 gulden and is in 4 years developed. There are three versions of STARIPS - RadioPC hardware, a small closet (fully functional and I have give it to Annet as a gift), another small closet and a 19" rack version. The photo is the 19" rack version and a working system (4 years running) !

Other question : Who is Annet ?
Annet worked in +/- 1989 by the Wageningse Omroep Stichting for the radio. I had fallen in love with her after 2 years (1991). She wasn't in love with me, so we were just friends. I made my first radio automation STARIPS - RadioPC for her as a gift. If STARIPS - RadioPC is playing, he plays for her ! STARIPS - Radio was 4 years broadcasting on the local radio station in Wageningen, The Netherlands (1994-1998). As time went by, I fell into trouble with my in love (1995) and sought I help. I have been in a psychiatric hospital for 19 months (1996-1997). It turned out that I had autism (asperger syndrome). I've lost contact with Annet (+/- 1998). I'll see her some times, many times not. I don't spreak her anymore, while there is a wish to talk once more with Annet. Annet will always be connected to the radio automation and will be good for the radio automation as a child. Annet live now in Renkum, The Netherlands. She is very importaint for the rest of my life. I miss her many times.

LinuxRadio.Tools V1807 is daily running at RTV Rijnstreek and was also running at Omroep Ede, The Netherlands.
LinuxRadio.Tools V1712 was installed and running at two delicated servers in the datacentre of (Belgie) for testing.